Decimal Banknotes


two dollars

100 dollars

R613. $100 Fraser/Cole, misplaced serials and mismatched alpha
prefix ZJV-ZJU aUnc.,a superb double error. SOLD.

$50 Australian banknotes

Crisp Flat Uncirculated.

R505. Phillips/Wheeler FIRST PREFIX YAA, ex-Archives Folder $800.
R505. Phillips/Wheeler. $300.
R506b. Knight/Wheeler Side T. $260.
R507. Knight/Stone. $200.
R508. Johnston/Stone. $200.
R509a. Johnston/Fraser gothic. $200.
R509b. Johnston/Fraser ocr-b. $420.
R511. Phillips/Fraser. $150.
R512. Fraser/Higgins. $230.
R513. Fraser/Cole. $140.
R515. Fraser/Evans. $120.
R516. Fraser/Evans polymer. $150.

$20 banknotes.

Crisp Flat Uncirculated.

R406a. Knight/Wheeler C.T. $220.
R406b. Knight/Wheeler S.T. $220.
R407b. Knight/Stone OCR-B. $240.

$10 banknotes.

Crisp Flat Uncirculated

ten dollars

R301. Coombs/Wilson. FIRST PREFIX SAA, low number ex-Archives
Folder. $700.
R302. Coombs/Randall. (aUnc.) $290.

ten dollars Aborginee

R310b. Johnston/Fraser AB10. $300.
Ditto. RUNNING PAIR. $600.

$5 banknotes.

Crisp Flat Uncirculated.

R214. Fraser/Cole AB19. SOLD.

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